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              1. It is necessary to know the specifications of the vertical shear, the principle of the leveller and the price of the guardrail unit,
                or to meet the common problems of the cold-formed steel unit. Please contact Wuxi Zhengcheng Machinery.
                Wuxi is the city of Cheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi Taihu Sea Foreign High-Tech Development Zone, Wuxi near the airport, geography, transportation is very convenient. I specializes in all types of metallurgical machinery and equipment, Cold forming units, slitting unit, the unit-Jiao, product quality has reached the international level, strong technical force, advanced production technology, product higher starting point. Equipment all over the country and exported to Southeast Asia, North America, Jordan, Russia and other countries ... ...
                  Zhengcheng Machinery Manufacturing
                   General manager: Wang Xiaozhong
                   Mobile: 13706185597
                   Tel: 86-510-88278200
                   Fax: 86-510-88278201
                   Add: No. 88-1, Xiyi Road, Fangqian Industrial Park,
                               Xinqu District, Wuxi
                   Mail: zcjx@wxzcjx.com
                   Web: www.kelseysbaby.com
                   Postcode: 214111